Swarvoski crystal-studded face mask priced at nearly $1,000 in Japan

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TOKYO (WSAV) – Face masks seem to be getting more and more creative as the year goes on.

A mask specialty store recently opened in Tokyo including a high-dollar Swarvoski crystal-studded luxury mask. It’s got a price tag of about $940 and is made of Japan-grown cotton.

The store features about 200 other types of masks, and a mask expert is on hand to help customers choose the right mask for their needs or match the mask to their makeup and skin tones.

In South Korea, a company has invented a battery-powered, filtered face mask designed to reduce problems associated with conventional designs, such as breathing difficulties and fogged-up glasses.

The battery-powered mask comes in one size and weighs as much as a pair of ski goggles. It comes with a case that charges the battery and disinfects the mask with ultraviolet light.

It has a battery life of about eight hours on low-power settings.

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