SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Sweet, soft, and poppable, taffy has been one of America’s favorite treats since the late 1800s. Local sweet icon River Street Sweets has dozens of flavors of the classic candy for everyone to enjoy.

River Street Sweets has been selling taffy since 1973, but the origin of saltwater taffy in particular stems from a candy shop in Atlantic City. According to legend, David Bradley, a candy shop owner back in 1888, was the victim of a bad flood that happened after a storm. All of the candy in the store was soaked with ocean water. When a little girl came in to buy candy, Bradley said he could only offer her “Salt Water Taffy,” and the name stuck.

In fact, saltwater taffy isn’t made from seawater at all — it’s a play on words. There’s also no difference between saltwater and regular taffy.

River Street Sweets prides itself on keeping the tradition of coastal saltwater taffy alive. With over two dozen flavors, it’s easy to find the perfect treat for yourself or someone special.

The local candy icon takes taffy seriously — the soft, chewy treat is always made from scratch and pulled on a 100-year-old taffy machine which is an art in itself.

Pulling taffy takes skill and is necessary for the candy to achieve its pillowy texture. Air bubbles must be introduced into the mix to give the candy the right texture and serious volume.

Video courtesy of River Street Sweets

If you’re ready to celebrate National Taffy Day you can make your way down to River Street Sweets to grab the iconic seaside treat. Don’t live on the coast? No worries — you can order saltwater taffy here.