Ohio sheriff offers to help celebrities leave US if Trump wins reelection

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“Hell, I’ll even help them pack,” the sheriff said.

HAMILTON, Ohio (KAMC) – Sheriff Richard Jones, starting the week with a pair of social media posts, went viral again.

In September, Jones, the sheriff of Butler County, Ohio, gained internet fame for saying, “You shoot at the police, expect us to shoot back.”

This time, he offered to help pay for plane tickets or other forms of transportation to help celebrities leave the country in the event that President Donald Trump is reelected.

Among the recent celebrities looking to flee, Bruce Springsteen said he might be on a plane to Australia if Trump wins.

A press release posted to Facebook said, “Sheriff Jones would like to extend an invitation to put money towards a one-way ticket for any celebrity that would like to leave the country this time around if President Trump is re-elected.”

“Hell, I’ll even help them pack,” the sheriff said.

He followed that up with a video.

“These are mostly the same people who don’t like police, that don’t like first responders,” the sheriff said. “I hope you do leave.”

Jones said celebrities should choose another country and then move.

“Maybe you can make a better life there in that country,” he said.

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