SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – McDonald’s is helping fans who may be on the fence about the new Spicy Chicken McNugget flavor by offering “insurance” for their chicken nuggets.

Yep, you read that right. McDonald’s is introducing “Spicesurance” for one day only. On Wednesday, Sept. 16, when customers order a six piece Spicy Chicken McNuggets through the app, they can add Spicesurance for six additional McNuggets, free of charge.

McDonalds’s says customers simply select one of two “coverage plans” with their Spicy Chicken McNuggets order.

The first plan is for fans who think they can handle the heat. Customers will receive six additional Spicy Chicken McNuggets for free.

The second plan is for customers who aren’t quite sold on the new nugget flavor and think they may want to stick with what they know and love. This plan includes six additional classic Chicken McNuggets free of charge.

The spicy option is the first flavor change of the classic Chicken McNuggets in the United States since their 1983 debut.

We’ll see how the Spicy Chicken McNuggets compete with Wendy’s beloved spicy nuggets.