COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – What word does Georgia struggle most to spell? A new report from Google gives us the answer.

AT&T reviewed the top-searched “how to spell” words by state from March 24, 2020 to March 24, 2021, using Google Trends.

The results are in.

As you might expect, “quarantine” is the most widely misspelled word in 12 states. AT&T found many people tried to spell it as “corn teen.”

Another frequently misspelled word in the last year was “coronavirus,” third in the list most most misspelled words. It tops the list for six states, mostly being misspelled as “caronavirus.”

In Georgia, “favorite” was the most misspelled word. And Georgias are not alone in the struggle.

“Favorite” was the most common misspelled word in 7 states. The most common misspelling? “Favourite.”

Our British friends might find this strange. In the UK, the correct spelling of “favorite” is “favourite.”

Other tricky words for many Americans:

  • Every (three states)
  • Believe (three states)
  • Definitely (three states)
  • Separate (two states)
(Credit: AT&T Experts)