(NEXSTAR) – If you can’t stand the heat, get over to the H-E-B bakery.

The bakery display at an H-E-B supermarket in Texas has captured the attention of TikTok thanks to a cake decorated with a peculiar apology.

“I’m sorry for what I said when it was 109º outside,” the message on the cake reads.

(Emily Hinds)

Emily Hinds, who spotted the cake at an H-E-B in Hutto last week, told Nexstar that the message “perfectly sums up” what locals are feeling about the summer heat in Hutto and nearby Austin, where temperatures routinely top 100 degrees. (In recent weeks, the state’s capital has experienced the longest continuous stretch of 100-degree days in 125 years of record-keeping, KXAN previously reported.)

Hinds later shared a clip of the contrite cake to TikTok, where plenty of viewers appeared to agree that the apologetic message could be applied to their own behavior.

Texas heat got me getting mad at my husband every time [we’re in] the car,” one viewer wrote. “Somehow I [know] it’s his fault it’s this hot.”

“That’s the realest thing I have read today,” another said.

Others said they’d like a similar cake, albeit with a few minor adjustments.

“AZ needs one but with 119 [degrees] please thank you,” one commenter wrote, while another requested a blanket message along the lines of, “Sorry for what I said when I was hungry.”

A representative for the H-E-B supermarket in Hutto told Nexstar that the idea for the cake came from one of the store’s managers, who spotted a similar message on a separate piece of merchandise. But perhaps surprisingly, the cakes aren’t exactly hot sellers, despite generating millions of views on TikTok.

“Not really,” a bakery manager told Nexstar when asked if the TikTok video had prompted a slew of orders. “It’s more of just, the customers think it’s cute.”