Here at WSAV, our main goal is to keep you and your family safe, and the best way to stay safe during dangerous weather is to stay informed.

That’s why Storm Team 3 will activate Weather Alert Days when we predict significant or disruptive weather.

We’re letting you know that weather is on the way that could be severe, could be dangerous or could simply disrupt your plans.

If it’s simply weather that could disrupt your day, this is a Weather Aware Day.

And we will do this not just by telling you, but also by showing you.

In our forecast, a day will be highlighted in a yellow alert bar if disruptive weather is possible.

This is a time to prepare.

Now, if severe weather is expected, a day will be highlighted in red.

That means be ready to take action and know where to go for safety.

You’ll see these alerts both during our newscasts as well as part of our website, and on our social media pages.

With a Weather Alert Day, it’s our goal to give you way more lead time.

Now, these are not the same as a watch or warning issued by the National Weather Service.

A watch is usually issued only hours before hazardous weather happens and a warning is usually issued only minutes before a storm hits your neighborhood.

WSAV Storm Team 3 will let you know each time why we’ve declared this type of alert and how it’s going to impact you.

This isn’t to scare you or to hype the weather, it’s simply a heads-up saying, “Hey, you need to not only listen to this forecast but also prepare for it.”

Because that’s why we’re here and On Your Side.

You are our family, and we appreciate you putting your trust in WSAV Storm Team 3.

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