Tracking the Tropics: Tropical Depression 18 forms, Peter & Rose holding onto depression status

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — On the Atlantic, there are now three tropical depressions to track. Peter and Rose became tropical storms over the weekend and are now weakening. Now as of Wednesday evening, tropical depression Eighteen formed in the eastern Atlantic.

Tracking T.D. Eighteen

A strong tropical wave that moved off of the coast of Africa earlier this week has been becoming more organized and a little stronger.

As of 5 p.m. Wednesday, this system has organized into tropical depression 18 with sustained wind of 35 mph with wind gusts of 45 mph. It is located about 740 miles west-southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands.

Early projections for computer guidance indicate that tropical depression eighteen will continue to move westward toward the Antilles.

Over the next several days, tropical depression Eighteen is expected to become stronger and by Thursday morning this may become tropical storm Sam.

The path will be determined by how quickly and how strong this system may become. A weaker storm will favor a more westward path. If this system quickly strengthens, a turn to the north sooner would be expected.

By Monday evening, this system is expected to be come a major category three hurricane.

Tracking Peter

Tropical depression Peter is located 225 miles north-northwest of San Juan, Puerto Rico. This system was much more defied earlier in the week, and now it is just barely holding onto tropical depression status.

As of 5 p.m. Wednesday, Peter had sustained wind of 35 mph with wind gusts as high as 45 mph. Peter is slowly moving to the north-northwest at 5 mph.

Over the next couple of days, Peter will continue on a northward path that will eventually take it near Bermuda. By Thursday morning or sooner, Peter is expected to become a post-tropical system that will continue to weaken.

There is now very little convective thunderstorm development near the center of circulation and what is developing is well to the northeast due to strong wind shear.

Peter poses no threat to the U.S. and is no major threat to Bermuda.

Tracking Rose

Tropical depression Rose is located 1,115 miles west-northwest of the Cabo Verde Islands. Just like Peter, this system was much better defined over the past few days compared to now.

As of 5 p.m. Wednesday, tropical depression Rose had 35 mph sustained wind with gusts as high as 45 mph. Movement is currently northwest at 10 mph.

On satellite imagery, Rose is barely anything more than a swirl of low-level clouds. This system is battling strong wind shear and dry air that is being pulled into the circulation. Both wind shear and dry air are good inhibitors for tropical development and for weakening tropical systems.

Later through the next few days, Rose is expected to further weaken and to become a post-tropical low-pressure system.

There is no threat to any land from Rose regardless of strength.

More Development

A tropical wave located in the North Atlantic Ocean about 500 miles west-northwest of the western Azores. This system is actually the remnants of what was tropical storm Odette that passed just off of the Georgia and South Carolina coasts.

There is a medium chance that this area of low pressure will take on sub-tropical or tropical characteristics in the next couple of days.

By the weekend though, any chance that this system has to further organize will diminish. The environment will not support any further organization.

There is no threat to the U.S. from this system.

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