Savannah’s homeless prepare for Dorian

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV)- Preparing for a hurricane can be difficult especially for people who don’t have a place to call home.

“We stay out here in tents, we will go up underneath the bridge, why would we run,” said Pete Micichello, a resident of one Savannah’s homeless camps.

An attitude Micichello and fellow neighbors have taken for the past few years, despite warning.

“Police came last night, they came today, the preacher came today and told us we have to evacuate I told them I am not evacuating nothing, for what,” said Micichello.

Just like Micichello, Trinity and Castiel Vondohlen sleep in tents at a homeless camp off of Lousiville road. None of them have cars and food supply is low.

“We don’t think no differently than no one else does really I mean like you said we are closer to the elements than most people are,” said Vondohlen. “Like he said, I mean, we have come to peace with death if God got a plan for all of us if its our time to go, it is our time to go.”

But, they do have some options. Vondohlen said volunteers from The Community of St. Joseph, a local church will pick up anyone who chooses to evacuate Tuesday morning.

“I am a little worried about food,” said Trinity Vondohlen.

Volunteers tell News 3 they do plan on dropping off non-perishable foods starting Monday night, but they are also asking for donations.

They sent news 3 this statement.

“Please be aware that many of the residents do not want to leave. they have pets and are concerned about looting. lack of food and water is the biggest concern at this time. please feel free to spread the word on this.”

For now Micichello and Vondohlen will depend on their faith.

“If God a got a plan for you to die you gon’ die, why would I run,” said Micichello.

If you would like to drop off non-perishable food– or water– you can bring them to the homeless camp. It’s at the end of Rothwell street near Louisville Road in Savannah.

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