TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WSAV) – People on Tybee Island and neighboring islands are relieved to see little damage after Tropical Storm Idalia hit on Wednesday.

Bucket trucks and linemen covered the islands in Chatham County, working all day to restore power. Sixty-nine-mile-per-hour gusts knocked down trees and damaged power lines, but that was the most of the damage, according to Tybee Island City Manager Michelle Owens.

“We feel like we were very lucky this time,” Owens said. “We did have winds, and we did have some rain, but it wasn’t heavy rain. It wasn’t enough to make that localized flooding that we were concerned about materialize.”

Most of the businesses and homes on Tybee Island received little to no damage, though there was some debris on the roads.

“When we assessed the damage this morning, we found some downed trees, a few downed power lines, some fences that came down, and a couple of houses that lost some panels of siding. That was the extent of it, so we feel very lucky,” Owens said.

She says the city was prepared for much worse with crews on the island as needed.

“Because of our location, we are very, very attuned to weather,” Owens said. “As soon as this system looked like it was going to develop into something, we entered our emergency operations mode.”

On neighboring islands, such as Whitemarsh and Dutch islands, it was the same story. On Wilmington Island, one resident and his family were among the many who cleaned up their yard while they waited for their power to come back on.

“There is one big pine limb that fell on a little tiki bar and damaged the roof. But, other than that, thankfully, no damage to the house and no flooding,” Jonathan Jameson said.

Tybee officials say they are prepared for the remainder of hurricane season.