SOUTH CAROLINA (WSAV) — Over the last several years, South Carolina residents have seen an increase in hurricanes that have impacted their homes and businesses. 

“You never know when an emergency might happen, you never know when a disaster might strike,” said Rob Walden of the South Carolina Department of Revenue. 

Coastal communities face the threat of hurricanes every year.

“We encourage people to make their emergency plans before hurricane season arrives…really as soon as possible,” said Walden. 

According to the Department of Natural Resources. South Carolina’s coast was severely impacted by five storms last year which destroyed a number of homes and businesses.

“Hurricanes are obviously very prevalent in South Carolina this time of year,” Walden said. 

One of the best ways to start planning is finding a secure place to store your important paperwork.

Walden said, “If you wait until a hurricane is bearing down or your home or business… it’s obviously much harder to recover those important documents.” 

He says, if you can, it is always best to go paperless.

“If you use paperless record keeping it is always much easier to access those documents once the emergency is over, we recommend filing online as much as possible”

For anything involving taxes, business owners and individual filers are encouraged to use online resources for their tax return forms. 

“Business owners can use our online tax portal my doorway to file their sales tax returns. We also encourage individuals to file their individual income tax online returns online.”

And if you can’t go paperless, storing these records outside of the home is key to keeping your information safe.

“You store them with a trusted friend or somewhere else that’s safe and apart from your home,” said Walden.

WSAV provides a 2022 hurricane guide. It’s full of important information to prepare your home and family. Click here for more info about South Carolina’s hurricane season predictions here.