Hurricane Preparedness Week: Check timestamp on social media posts

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Over the course of hurricane season, new information comes out every day. New advisories, new tracks, new impacts etc. Whether we are tracking multiple storms or watching one, your social media timeline can easily be overfilled with old information. Here are multiple ways to make sure you stay up to date.


The National Hurricane Center issues advisories every 6 hours at 5 & 11 am / 5 & 11 pm. Intermediate advisories are issued every 3 hours when coastal watches & warnings are in effect: 2, 5, 8, 11 am/pm.

Each advisory (normal & intermediate) updates the current stats of the tropical cyclone: location, wind speed, wind gusts, movement, pressure, & impacts. Only the the 5 & 11 am/pm advisories update the forecast and forecast cone.

Checking Timeline

Don’t assume a post is up to date because it’s at the top or closest to the top of your social media feed. With multiple advisories issued everyday, there can easily be a backup of information. Because of this, always check the timestamp.

Always check the date and time before sharing or retweeting. Impacts and conditions could be very different by the time you are seeing or sharing an out-of-date post. This is why relying on social media for time sensitive alerts could be dangerous.

Verified Sources

Social media-ologists tend to hype up a storm and feed off of creating alarm. There are many “forecasts” that go viral on social media that aren’t written by actual meteorologists. These social media-ologists create panic forecasts that go beyond a week out.

You can avoid this by only getting your information from verified sources. Knowing how to spot fake information will save you a lot of worry and panic. Always be suspicious of very specific forecasts beyond a week out, especially with tropical systems.

By checking the author of the post and the time and date, you’ll get the correct, up-to-date information!

To help prepare you for hurricane season, Storm Team 3 will be presenting Storm Watch on June 5th from 9 – 10 am on WSAV! Tune in to learn more tips on how to stay safe, what the forecast cone means, why the Greek Alphabet is being used in future seasons, & so much more!

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