SAINT AUGUSTINE, Fla. (WSAV) — Hurricane Nicole will make landfall along Florida’s east coast overnight. 

The president declared a state of emergency earlier Wednesday. The surge from the storm has already caused damage, in part of the state that’s still recovering from Hurricane Ian.

The interesting thing to note about Nicole is the size of the storm’s wind field. Most of the east coast of Florida will feel these tropical storm-force winds Wednesday night.

Hurricane Nicole is ripping into the east coast of Florida. Along Daytona Beach’s famous boardwalk.

The stores are shuttered as the wind whistles through the amusement rides. Wednesday, during high tide, waves crashing over the seawall washed away parts of Daytona Beach shores. The same happened to the beachside bathroom.

Just six weeks ago, the rough waves from Hurricane Ian wrecked the Daytona Beach coast. A local hotel pool was destroyed. The owner expects even more of the seawall to be gone by Thursday morning.

“The Reed Canal is already full and I’m really, really close to it,” Joyce Schaecher said.

Schaecher is worried that water is going to come into her home. She came to the beach to get sand because she said she couldn’t find anywhere else with sandbags.

“No, we aren’t ready for this,” Schaecher said. 

Her home, like so many places here, was damaged by the last storm, in fact, the workers who were there to repair this and now stuck sheltering from Nicole.

Nicole will pretty quickly weaken back to a tropical storm, after landfall. But Wednesday night, here in St. Augustine they are under a tropical storm warning, and just to our south, a hurricane warning.