HILTON HEAD, S.C. (WSAV) — If you live on Hilton Head Island or are in town visiting, you should have a plan ready to go — don’t panic — that’s the advice from town officials. 

Also, they want you to make sure you’re home and off the roads if and when the storm hits. 

“Make sure you take care of yourself. Stay off the roadways, stay off the bridges, stay home,” Mayor Alan Perry said. 

Start getting your plan together now. 

Take that trip to the grocery store – load up on nonperishable food and water. 

And stay home during the storm. That’s what Hilton Head town officials want you to do.

While the island has been mostly spared for some years now – some people on the island might take the storm seriously. 

“It’s coming here. We’re going to get impacted to some degree.  My concern is obviously the wind and the rain on top of the storm surge,” said Tom Dunn, Emergency Manager, Town of Hilton Head Island. “Obviously, we had rain this morning. So rain on top of rain. So that’s that’s a big concern for us. So complacency is the key. And like the mayor said,  you know, now’s the time to prepare and get yourself ready for that storm.”

Officials also stress that the town can’t decide to close the Hilton Head Island Bridge — that’s left up to the state. If the storm damages the bridge – it could be shut down.

But even if it’s still open – officials urge you to stay off the bridge during the storm. 

Bob Bromage, Hilton Head Island’s Director of Public Safety explained, “If the winds get above 30, 35 miles an hour, you want to be off the bridge. It’s incredibly dangerous at that point.”

Chief Chris Blankenship of Hilton Head Island Fire and Rescue says they will up staff for a full day. He’s expecting the storm to take down trees. He also says don’t stay out late – because they could fall on you.

“Stay inside don’t go out wandering around, driving, walking, anything like that. Because a tree could fall at any time. And it’s always better to be in your house.”

Officials say misinformation on social media spreads like wildfire during severe weather. That’s why they urge you to only listen to the official voices. That will keep you and your family the safest.

Mayor Perry wanted to leave one message with residents, “Put yourself in a good position to take care of yourself, in case someone needs your help, and please do not go out and sightsee during the storm or at night.