EDISTO ISLAND, S.C. (WSAV) — Thursday night, the entire coast of South Carolina is under a hurricane warning.

Coastal towns facing the threat of heavy rain, Ian’s hurricane-force winds and a storm surge that could be as high as 7 feet. 

People here are watching Ian’s path closely. Seven feet of storm surge would bring the water over the dunes here. Essentially flooding the island.

The wind on Edisto Island is a strong sign of what’s coming and it’s enough that Ted Griffin and his family are leaving.

“We’ve been here too many years and seen quite a few storms come through,” Grifin said.

Even driving back to Charlotte, he’s sure he will still see some of Ian’s rain. The rain isn’t the biggest concern on this island. 

“It’s kind of eerie feeling maybe a little bit,” said Randy White who lives on Edisto and will remain there during the storm. White’s worry is the storm surge.

“The surge is the worst thing,” White said. White — who has evacuated during storms in the past but is now one of the few staying — watched as the island emptied.

“It dumped out pretty good in the last day and a half,” White said. “They left.”

The island’s gas station is boarded up, the grocery store closed and the people who chose to stay, are getting ready to ride the storm out.

If the storm surge does bring the water up seven feet, Edisto Island will quite literally be cut off. Meaning the people staying here are stuck until Ian leaves.