HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WSAV) — Around noon Thursday, high tide prompted warnings from lifeguards on Coligny Beach, telling beachgoers to avoid the water. 

Since then, conditions deteriorated, dropping more rain and more wind.

Earlier in the day, at Coligny Beach, there were lots of folks who came to watch the waves and most of those people didn’t try and go in.

Shore Beach Services patrolled the entire beach by truck and said they had no major incidents. In fact, one of the only ones all day was four people who were told to get out of the dangerous waters by a passing lifeguard.

Officials said always to think before you jump in during storm conditions.

“Keep an eye out on the tide,” said Alan Reece, General Manager, Shore Beach services. “We have a rather fast-moving tide movement here so if we get any surge in that water you may be standing on dry sand and two to three seconds later you are in ankle-deep, calf-deep water with the surge coming in. But again tomorrow is not the best day to be out here sightseeing.”

Shore Beach Services said depending on Friday’s conditions, they aren’t sure if they will have lifeguards out there. So before you go out know there may not be people there to save you.