SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — If you’re in need of assistance, the Chatham County Health Department is asking residents who require special assistance to sign for the hurricane registry. This applies specifically to those who have medical, functional, or access needs.

“What’s critical about this list is for folks who don’t have a way out of town,” said Dr. Chris Rustin from the Chatham County Health Department.

“This list is not for folks who are in nursing homes, personal care homes, or assisted living facilities because those facilities are required to plan for emergencies for their clients,” Rustin continued. “This is for homebound individuals who have a functional or medical need and need assistance with evacuation.”

You have 72 hours to sign up before the threat of severe weather arrives.

The purpose of the list is to help people who are living at home under the care of family or trained medical professionals who need special assistance.

Rustin said this resource is available for people who don’t have any options.

 “Well anyone who has an issue with evacuating, you know we want to ensure through our public health department that we are providing the best assistance we can to getting those individuals out of Savannah or out of Chatham County in the event there is a major hurricane that requires an evacuation that’s the purpose of this list. You know we certainly don’t want people to be left behind.”

Rustin said people need to act now before it’s too late. To learn more information about the application process, click or tap here.