SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — From the Caribbean to the Florida shoreline, Chatham Emergency Management Agency has been watching and preparing for Elsa.

CEMA Director Dennis Jones said “it’s a storm that has the potential to produce a lot of flooding. It has potential to produce a lot of wind-borne damages like some trees down, or some limbs out of trees, and create some power outages.”

As the storm hits, CEMA will coordinate responses from its Emergency Operations Center in downtown Savannah. Wednesday morning the agency opened the Joint Information Center to streamline communication between partners on city, county and state levels.

“We’re doing that through emails, through text messages, through conference calls,” Jones said. He said Elsa won’t bring anything the coastal empire isn’t used to. That’s why he says people should already have an emergency plan and an emergency kit.

“If there is an emergency situation you’ve got some of those items that are necessary for sustainment of life, some food, some extra food, some water your medicines.”

Jones said Elsa won’t be strong enough to trigger evacuations, but everyone should find a safe place to ride out the storm. He says CEMA is in contact with Georgia Power whose crews are standing by for the possibility of power outages.