BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — Next week marks six months since a powerful EF-4 tornado ripped through parts of Bryan County. People living in Pembroke and Ellabell suffered the worst of the damage, with some homes simply blown off their foundation.

As Hurricane Ian approaches, many in those areas are still in the process of rebuilding while also bracing for yet another severe weather threat.

Katie Schneider had just gotten home from work on April 5, when a tornado alert popped up on her phone.

“We came out and looked up at the sky, and saw the clouds moving, and it was like no this one’s real,” Schneider said.

Ten minutes later Schneider’s Pembroke neighborhood took a direct hit and her family huddled inside their home.

“It felt like the house was breathing in out, in out from just the pressure, and the pressure from the tornado just shoved you into the ground,” Schneider said.

The twister blew out their windows and doors and tore the house two doors down from its foundation. The Schneiders just moved back into their home in September, as contractors continue to make repairs.

“There’s still stuff that they haven’t finished, and we’re about to get hit, you know, this week with possibly another hurricane. So, we’re hoping the house survives,” Schneider said.

It’s still too early to predict what kind of impact Ian could have on an already recovering Bryan County but county leaders are already preparing for the worst.

“If we need to move equipment outside of the range of the hurricane to bring, come back in and help, if it does damage and moves past, those are the things that we’re kind of thinking about right now,” said Matthew Kent, Bryan County’s Communication Director.

Kent said some county services are still working out of trailers, following the tornado. He says heavy rain from Ian could pose more of a threat to lower-lying communities like Richmond Hill this time.

“Be prepared for anything, really. You know, make your hurricane kits. You know, have enough water, enough batteries, generators if you need that sort of thing,” Kent said.

Sound advice for residents who are already weather weary.

“So, it seems like this year the weather has got it out for us. For me, it’s more of like a here we go again,” Schneider said.