SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Fallen trees and broken light posts could be found all over the city Thursday after Tropical Storm Idalia.

Tree removal services like Save A Tree worked all morning to remove blockages.

“Lot of phone calls, running back and forth trying to build a priority list of customers from more damaged to least damaged,” Chris Douglas, a certified arborist.

Douglas says they have received over 50 calls about storm damage from insurance companies and property owners.

“We want to make sure that you’re not without a home or having water get in your home,” he said.

If a fallen tree is in the street then the city will be responsible for removing it, but if it’s on your property, you are responsible for clearing the debris.

Save a Tree says you should never attempt to remove fallen trees from your yard or the street and wait for professionals.

“This is one of the most dangerous industries in the world I would say. Around two people on average a month die in this industry, so it’s dangerous,” Douglas said. “You’re high in the air every situation is unique so you never know what can happen.”

City officials say they are working as quickly as possible to clear debris and downed trees.