TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — With a little less than two months left in this year’s hurricane season, the tropics are quiet.

For the first time since August, there are no active named storms in the Atlantic basin. The National Hurricane Center issued its final advisory on the most recent named storm, Tropical Storm Victor, on Monday, Oct. 4.

There is one area being monitored in the Atlantic as of Wednesday, however, formation chances are low. The disturbance is described as a surface trough about 200 miles east of Florida’s east coast producing showers and thunderstorms. Strong upper-level winds are expected to help limit development chances as the disturbance moves north in the coming days.

We usually see a dip in activity the first week of October before another peak in the middle of the month.

There’s only one name – Wanda – left on this year’s list of storm names. Instead of moving on to the Greek alphabet this year, any additional storms will get names from an alternate list that was chosen by the World Meteorological Organization.