SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Happy Halloween!! Who doesn’t love a perfectly spooky experiment that is family-friendly with supplies you can easily find at home? Meteorologist Alysa Carsley shows us how to make your own lava lamp with 3 easy steps.


WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Clear Glass Jar or Cup, Water, Oil, Antacid Tablet
Extra Supplies: Permanent Marker, Clear Tape, & Food Coloring

Frightfully Easy Steps

If you want to have some creative fun, start by decorating the clear glass. You can use clear tape to put a face on your glass or draw some fun Halloween shapes. Draw them on the tape with a permanent marker and then put the tape on the glass.

Fill the glass jar a quarter (1/4th) of the way full with water. You can also have fun by coloring the water Halloween colors with food coloring. After filling it with water, fill the rest of the glass with oil.

Give the water and oil a second to settle and separate. You should find oil on top with water on the bottom half. I’ll break down the science in a second.

The last, and obviously the best, step is to drop one antacid tablet into the concoction. This is where the bubbly and fizzy goodness comes from! Now say oooh, ahhh!! It’s super cool, right? You can add a second tablet once the first one settles down!


Starting off with the differences between water and oil… Water’s structure is held together by one positive charge at one end and a negative charge at the other end. The positive charge is attracted to the negative charge and this allows for water molecules to stay together.

Whereas oil molecules are non-polar. Its charge is evenly balanced compared to having one charge at one end and another one at the other end like water.

Plus, they don’t like each other. Water and oil molecules are attracted to those of a similar structure – water is not attracted to oil and oil is not attracted to water. Water is denser than oil so it sinks to the bottom of the mixture. Oil remains on top.