SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — Rinse and repeat…rinse and repeat… ever since last Thursday, our weather has been unsettled with heavy rain and thunderstorms plaguing the radar. Communities have picked up several inches of rain and this week is no different. Because of the likely chance of heavy rain again, expect a localized flash flood threat each day.

We are tracking two systems, last week’s weakened cold front that is now a trough over the east coast and another slow-moving cold front out west. These two are working together to give the atmosphere ample moisture to work with. The slow-moving cold front isn’t going to pass until Thursday or Friday, leading to us being stuck in this weather pattern. And of course, it stalls out off our coast- leading to more rain this weekend.

Through Sunday afternoon and evening – rainfall totals for most of us were sitting around 1 inch. It was the isolated pockets of 6-8″ of rain scattered across the Lowcountry down to Seabrook that we need to watch out for. In fact, a storm report out of Pritchardville in Beaufort County shows 2.26″ of rain fell in JUST 15 MINUTES with grand total at the weather site of 6.37″. This amount of rain comes down so incredibly fast that it has nowhere to go except to pile up…on roads, in backyards, and basements.

Sunday’s rainfall totals

Even this morning, I noticed puddles on Victory Drive still left over from yesterday’s evening storms. With how much rain has fallen, water is slowly finding out it is going to have a hard time retreating since the ground is soaked.

Here is what to look out for: each day rain chances will be highest in the afternoon and evening. During that time, localized minor flooding will be possible. Rain totals for the week will be between 3-5″ with isolated spots picking up more. Be careful on your evening commutes and give yourself extra time to get to where you are going. In heavy rain, slow down. Isolated thunderstorms will be strong with gusty wind.