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Millions more homes than previously known across the United States are at substantial risk of flooding. And many experts say… as climate change accelerates, many more will see their flood risk grow.

Flood modeling tools show that the United States is woefully under prepared for damaging floods, now and in the future.

Right here in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry, we may face a future of more intense storms and rising seas.

But one man in Japan has one idea that could at least provide one measure to prevent damage to our homes when it comes to flooding.

A Japanese home builder has developed a house that floats during flooding.

In the video, massive water is poured into a tank containing two structures… one is a conventional home and the other is the floating home. Water enters the conventionally built home, but not the flood-resistant one.

A device set up on the base of the house prevents water from seeping inside. When the floodwater becomes about six feet deep, the house starts to float. It remains in place even amid strong flows of water.

This is because the base of the house is attached to the ground with wires. Even when the water level reached about ten feet, the inside was not affected.

This flood-selling home is now for sale.

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