SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Severe storms plagued the Southeast this week as a powerful cold front passed through Texas into the Gulf Coast states.

20 tornadoes were reported Monday in Texas and Oklahoma, and 27 more were reported Tuesday in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. This potent cold front knocks on our door Wednesday afternoon and evening.

A tornado watch has been issued for Wayne County until 9 pm this evening. Severe storms have the potential to briefly spin up. Severe weather remains possible until 10 pm tonight. A Tornado Watch means conditions are favorable for a tornado to develop while a warning means a tornado is imminent.

It will weaken by the time it reaches the Savannah area, but warm air ahead of the cold front will fuel this system enough to keep the threat of severe weather possible here.

While rain and pockets of heavy downpours will become widespread, the risk of severe weather will likely be a bit more isolated. Should any severe storms develop, damaging wind gusts would be the most likely threat. While not the most favorable setup for tornadoes locally, it is not out of the question for one to develop.

TIMELINE: Wednesday will start off dry with storms just beginning to move into western Georgia. By early afternoon, rain will be brushing our far inland communities.

Rain will expand stretch eastward by mid-afternoon, with thunderstorms ramping up into the evening commute.

Make sure to review your severe weather plan so you can act quickly in the event of a warning.

Identify in advance your safe place to ride out a severe thunderstorm or tornado. Look for a room at the lowest level, away from windows, with as many walls between you and an exterior wall as possible. Mobile homes are not considered safe shelter for severe weather.

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