SAVANNAH, Ga, (WSAV) — For the remainder of the workweek and through the weekend, unsettled weather will lead to heavy rain and widespread thunderstorms. As a very slow moving cold front that has been sliding into the southeast stalls out over the region, it will help to directed a lot of Gulf moisture over us.

Each day will feature a high chance for thunderstorms and heavy rain as a result. Rain will be possible almost anytime and anywhere in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry. The best chances for rain will be between Thursday and Monday.

Areas that are prone to flooding due to poor drainage will have issues over the next several days at times due to high rainfall rates and high rainfall totals.

Rain totals for most of the area will be between 3-4″, however some locations may receive well over that range.

Along coastal communities, due to higher than normal tides and surf due to the full moon and the influence of Hurricane Earl, which is well out to sea, coastal flooding and rip currents are a concern.

Several high tide cycles for Fort Pulaski are forecast to be either in the action stage or minor flooding stage. Some salt water inundation is possible.

Friday evening’s high tide is forecast to be right at moderate flood stage at 10.0′.

Remember when you are driving, never drive through floodwaters. You never know how deep it may be. “Turn around, down drown.”