EF3 tornado devastates Ohio; How you can help


DAYTON, Ohio (WCMH) – A tornado slammed an Ohio city late Monday night, leaving “catastrophic damage” in its path.

The National Weather Service confirmed Tuesday that “at least an EF3 tornado with winds up to 140 mph” hit the Dayton area. Crews are still surveying the area.

Homes and businesses were leveled by the storms overnight. Meanwhile, Dayton Power and Light says more than 64,000 people are now without power.

City officials are encouraging people to conserve water as well, after a loss of power at Dayton’s water plants and pump stations.

Mayor Mary McDonald reports extensive, “catastrophic damage.” She says no deaths or serious injuries have been reported: “We’re blessed for that.”

One person who rode out the storm says he got home just in time to keep his pets safe, but much of his home was destroyed.

“I’m just glad I got home to get them because at the end of the day it would have been worse,” said Armando Dominguez. “But I have no car now. No home. And I just, I’ve been working really hard to get all this.”

Anyone interested in donating to help those upended by recent tornadoes and severe weather can donate through the American Red Cross here.

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