EF1 Tornado hits Effingham County


A National Weather Service storm survey team confirmed an EF-1 tornado, with an estimated maximum wind speed of 100mph in southern Effingham County, GA.

Both a ground and aerial survey was performed.

The tornado began near the intersection of Low Ground Road and Burnt Tree Drive. Some trees were snapped and uprooted in the area, along with some minor damage to the skirting of a few mobile homes.

The tornado continued north-northeastward across a wooded and marshy region, where it snapped and uprooted several trees. As it crossed Little McCall Road, it snapped and uprooted several large trees over the properties of six homes. None of these six homes sustained any significant structure damage.

The tornado then moved into the small community of Cypress Cove, where it removed siding and some roof shingles to approximately 18 homes.

The tornado reached its maximum intensity, with winds around 100mph, as it crossed Little McCall Road and into the southern portion of the Cypress Cove Community.

The tornado quickly dissipated as it crossed the northern part of Cypress Cove, ending near Ralph Rahn Road.

EFO: WEAK, 65-85 MPH

EF1: WEAK, 86-110 MPH

EF2: STRONG, 111-135 MPH

EF3: STRONG, 136-165 MPH

EF4: VIOLENT, 166-200 MPH


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