Eco-friendly human “compost burials”


Where bodies reach 131 degrees Fahrenheit and rot away in 30 days…

Funeral company Recompose will be the first “human composting service” in the world when it officially launches in Washington State in February 2021.

The process involves placing the body in a ‘vessel’ with wood chips and plant material. This vessel is then rotated over a month while microbes break down the remains.

The process of ‘recomposing’ involves the body being placed into the soil by placing it in a closed box with wood chips, alfalfa and grass.

After 30 days, the bodies leave behind about 2 cubic yards of soil-like material containing bones. A final process will then reduce the bones to soil.

The owners of Recompose say this process is better for the environment than a traditional funeral. They say it releases less carbon.

Not only does it release less carbon, but researchers claim this process also breaks down the soft tissue safely and completely. It destroys the vast majority of disease causing organisms and any pharmaceuticals in the body due to the high temperature used.

When the process is completed, the remains have become soil. This is then given to relatives to scatter on plants or a tree.

For now, the only place in the United States to even start this is Washington state. It’s the only place with legislation allowing natural organic reduction. Colorado, however, is considering allowing it too.

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