Crews, residents continue to clean up after weekend tornado damage


ATLANTA (WSB) – Crews continue to clean up severe weather damage in parts of Georgia from over the weekend.

Lynne Meister and his wife, Debbie, originally from Nebraska, say they’ve seen tornadoes before, and never one so up close and personal.

“We didn’t have time to take cover, it happened so quickly, “ said Lynne.

“It was scary,” added Debbie, “I was shocked, you know, of course…with the shaking of the house. We’re looking at our phones and I said this is a tornado, were in it right now…and I could not see out my window. It was like a blur.”

Three trees crashed onto their home.

“And my kids were actually upstairs where a tree limb had fallen on the bedroom, but thank goodness they were safe,” explained Debbie.

The tornado, packing 85 mph winds, damaged at least three homes and toppled scores of trees and power lines as it marched a four mile path from Paulding into Cobb county.

Fallen trees blocked several roads.

Besides the damage to their home, the Meisters’ vehicles, including Lynne’s work truck, were crushed by tree limbs.

“It’s pretty devastating, especially with our vehicles,” said Debbie.

They say their thankful for what’s most important.

“No one was hurt, we all walked away,” explained Lynne.

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