SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The National Weather Service has updated the rating for the tornado that hit Bryan County last week on April 5.

As of April 15, the NWS has upgraded the Byran County tornado to an EF4, with max winds speeds of 185 mph because of the intense damage found along its path.

This is now considered the strongest tornado to hit the Coastal Empire.

The violent EF4 tornado was on the ground for 13 miles with a max width of 1,300 yards. It touched down in Pembroke at 5:18 pm and was on the ground for 15 minutes before dissipating over Blitchton.

The April 5 Bryan County tornado was stronger than the EF4 Hampton County 2020 tornado (winds of 175 mph) and the EF4 Mother’s Day Tornado (winds of 170-180 mph) in 2008.

The EF4 tornado that hit Hampton County two years ago was a rare and historic tornado: the first EF4 in over a decade, the first EF4 tornado on record in the Lowcountry and the first EF4 tornado in South Carolina.

The recent Bryan County tornado will continue to also break records as more information continues to come out.

The Enhanced Fujita (EF) Scale is a system that rates the intensity of tornados in many countries including the United States and Canada. It replaced the Fujita scale that was introduced by Ted Fujita in 1971.