SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — Broken pipes can be an unwelcome surprise as the temperature dips below freezing.

The city of Savannah has received more than 100 calls to shut off water due to busted pipes in and under homes caused by the extreme cold over the Christmas holiday.

Six major water main breaks also occurred, but these have been repaired already.

But now the volume of calls to shut off water is rapidly increasing as temperatures start to warm up and residents are finding leaks or breaks.  

If you find a busted pipe—here’s what to do:

Step 1: Stop the Water Flow

Try to locate the main water valve. Many times, you’d find it in the basement or crawl space, near the water heater. It could also be located on a metal plate on the curb near your house.

Once the water source is turned off,  proceed to drain any water remaining in your pipes by opening the taps, faucets, and other water outlets. This also includes flushing the toilet several times.

Step 2: Disconnect the Electrical System

This is a necessary precaution as the water from the leakage may have affected a socket, circuit breaker, or even the breaker box.

Step 3: Locate the Affected Pipe

Step 4: Clean up the Spillage

Step 5: Call The Experts

Step 6: Inspect and Document

By taking these steps, you may be able to mitigate damage to your pipes in freezing temperatures saving you both time and money this holiday season.