Savannah police chase ends in car crash on Liberty Street

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A suspect, who has now been identified by police as Sherman Robinson, is in custody following a high-speed chase that ended in a car crash. 

A spokesperson for the Savannah Police Department told News 3 that police were pursuing a suspect from an aggravated assault that took place early Saturday morning. 

According to police, the pursuit suspect crashed into a car at the intersection of Whitaker and Liberty. The two people in the car were injured. 

Eyewitnesses said the suspect may have hit several cars before eventually crashing at Whitaker Street.

“We crossed the street and just hoped nobody was one in those vehicles that were badly injured because the sound was sickening,” said an eyewitness.

This wasn’t the Saturday afternoon Maurine Nolan and John Kenworthy were expecting.

“For a minute you think is this real is this not, but he was driving so aggressively, the police were following in such close pursuit it had to be real,” said Kenworthy.

Savannah police said officers were after the man because he was a suspect in an earlier aggravated assault incident.

Trevor Martin, who works at the Soho Cafe, saw the whole chase.

“There was a bunch of people walking around so it was kind of unsafe for them and I was afraid somebody would be hit you know, he was kind of swerving as he was coming down,” said Martin.

After hitting several parked cars police said the man then slammed into the back of this vehicle at the corner of Whitaker and Liberty street.

“As soon as he hit the car, he got out and started running on foot he seemed to be barefoot I guess,” said Martin. “Then there was a cop who slammed on his breaks, got out of his car and started running after him chasing him yelling at him to stop and he was saying something to him I guess it was some profanity.”

Witnesses said they’re happy to know the man is in custody, but acknowledge many pedestrians could have been hurt. 

Last year two pedestrian involved crashes took place in this area; both resulting in serious injuries. 

“It was just reckless beyond description,” said Kenworthy.

Georgia State Patrol has taken over the investigation, we will continue to update you on this story. 

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