DAY 3: Suspect’s confession played in Savannah court

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The state called lead Detective Antoine Diggs to the stand who talked about his conversation with the defendant. Nearly 3 hours of a bone-chilling interview with the Marrow, after the murders. That interview includes the weeks, days and hours leading up to the gruesome killings. Marrow confessed but claims it was self-defense.

“I said a prayer and asked for forgiveness. I grabbed the 40 and shot Courtney two times in the face. Then I shot William two times. Then I shot Shayla two times,” Marrow confessed.

He believed the victims were going to kill him because he was quote “oppressing” Markajsha by telling her she had to make money. Markajsha is the girlfriend of a high ranking gang member named Tabo, who is currently serving a 15-year sentence without parole.

“Just bring me $30 a day to show them that you making money. She told Tabo that I was extorting her behind the money.”

Marrow also alleges he witnessed multiple conversations with Tabo, the victims, and Markajsha about killing him. Mostly because Marrow says he was using the money to buy drugs for himself and the three victims. Marrow also alleges he witnessed multiple conversations with Tabo, the victims, and Markajsha about killing him.

“We about to take out the trash… we jeopardizing homies, he’s oppressing ladies, he got to go,” Marrow said that’s what he heard multiple times the day of the murders even minutes before.

The defense made its case to the jury in a triple murder trial. Attorneys for the defendant, told jurors he was being held against his will by the three victims and he killed them in self-defense.

Detective Diggs says, Marrow never said he was being held at gunpoint during the interrogation. But he did say Marrow was sorry, not remorseful for the murders.

Marrow says he had a bad vibe that he couldn’t shake while under the influence of marijuana and ecstasy the night of the murders. The defense says a small money dispute involving Markajsha and Marrow being held at gunpoint, lead him to kill the three victims.

The state argues after the murders Marrow took two guns, an ashtray, and William Mullins cell phone. He says to prevent the bloods from catching him. But Detective Diggs says that was so police couldn’t connect him to the crime.

STATE: “He did say he did all of this because he was afraid the bloods would find him correct?”

DIGGS: “Correct”

STATE: “Co based on your investigation, what’s more, probable that he was hiding from the bloods or taking evidence so police couldn’t connect him to the crime.”

DIGGS: “Taking evidence so the police couldn’t connect him to the crime.”

Marrow has agreed to testify Thursday morning. The defense has asked to consider manslaughter.

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