SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – From clowns to horses to your fair share of leprechauns, the display of costumes at the 2023 St. Patrick’s Day parade was one for the books.

Stampede of Love, which traveled from North Carolina, had their horses dressed to the nines.

“These guys dress up regularly in multiple costumes throughout the year,” said Karen Jones. “They’re used for therapy, for different things with hospitals, children’s homes, and things like that.”

Joey Blackman from Alex Hillbillies skipped the green and went for a clown ensemble.

“This is me normally,” he said. “Free, fun-loving, and we do all crazy things for our children.”

Shaun Edwards, an area manager for Coca-Cola, decided to don the look of the ginger ale mascot.

“I pieced it together from Amazon,” Edwards said. “I picked out the kilt, saw it, had to have it. “

The dazzling display of emerald clothing and costumes didn’t disappoint, just one of the many things that makes St. Patrick’s Day one of the best days of the year.