SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Thursday was a happy day for many St. Patrick’s Day parade-goers, but they were reminded of the turmoil in the world and asked to offer support.

WSAV spoke to organizers of Pray for Ukraine about the importance of being involved in Savannah’s celebration.

“And we love the support from American people who are passing by and they are all ‘Ukraine we are with you’ and it melts our hearts.”

But for those who took part, their hearts are broken. Kateryna Suprun Henzler’s father is still in Ukraine.

“He’s sitting right now as we’re speaking in an underground shelter and he’s an engineer. He crated this sign and he sent it to me, so I made it here for the parade,” said Henzler, whose father is trapped in Ukraine.

Q: “So, while you’re in this sunny beautiful parade, your dad is in a bunker?
A: “Yes, it’s very unfortunate, but we’re here to support them.”

As they gathered on the parade route, one man called a friend in Ukraine who was preparing to fight.

“He’s saying everything is good, he’s fine and says we’re ready to fight until the end,” said Inna Adams, Pray for Ukraine float organizer. “Our people are we are all standing for each other in this situation, we didn’t expect that our people would unite so much.”

Modern technology brings war to the front lines of a parade as people remind the crowd their homeland is much like this beautiful place.

“I had no idea they were going to be in the parade and it took me by surprise, but I was so glad because there are so many people here to support them,” a bystander said. “Our prayers and thoughts are with them constantly.”

And on this day, that was all they could ask for.

“It means that people in Savannah are supporting Ukraine, they are supporting our cause and they understand that there is tragedy which is going on in the world right now,” Adams said.