SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — It’s been a rough two years for small local businesses, but St. Patrick’s Day has provided some much needed traffic for them. From staffing shortages to inflation, small businesses continue to face challenges from the pandemic.

Local hospitality workers say the profits they get during the parade can keep them afloat for the rest of the year. Store owners say extra foot traffic and people visiting from out of town generate a major revenue boost for small businesses struggling with two years of uncertainty.

WSAV News 3 spoke with a barista at Savannah Coffee Roasters who says the city’s decision to prevent out of town vendors from taking away business from local merchants is also making a big difference.

“There’s been an extreme amount of fluctuation in between staffing, labor, even the amount of people coming because a general amount of us are servers and baristas and we live off of tips and without the foot traffic you don’t really make your paycheck,” explained Taylor Carter, Savannah Coffee Roasters barista.

Vendors say in addition to getting some much needed economic relief, it also helps put more small businesses on the map for people visiting from out of town.