SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – In light of the pandemic, St. Patrick’s Day paradegoers will be asked to continue a “no kissing” rule that was first put in place in 2018.

Previously, this was at the Army’s request, which cited concerns about professionalism and decorum. Now, the city says the concern is over the spread of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the Army maintains its previous statements on the issue.

“There is no change in our posture from last year reference kissing the Soldiers who will march in the parade,” a Fort Stewart spokesperson said.

In the past, there was a tradition of women donning red lipstick and kissing a soldier in the parade. Some women did this every year as a way to celebrate the holiday.

In 2018, there were suggestions from some attendees of the parade that they kiss other parade walkers instead, but that is also no longer allowed.

The rules are very clear this year, as the city’s St. Patrick’s Day parade website lists them in all caps to get the message across. For the safety of those both in the parade and attending it, all peckers must be put away as any kissing between onlookers and parade walkers is entirely banned.