The Hostess City will be glowing with green in just a couple of weeks and agencies across Savannah aren’t leaving a stone unturned when it comes to getting ready for the party.

Organizers gathered for the second time this week to talk about what’s new with this year’s St. Patrick’s Day festival and what you need to know if you plan to attend.

For the first time ever, they’re bringing a piece of Ireland to River Street — a part of the famous Blarney Stone.

The city will have an official unveiling next Friday, but on St Patrick’s Day, you can pay five dollars to kiss it while getting your picture taken and half of that money goes to local charities.

Thousands will soon flock to Savannah streets for St. Patrick’s Day festivities, but before they do local agencies want them to know the rules.

Starting with: no wrist band, no alcohol.

“We will be enforcing the wrist bands ordinances and state and local laws so if you are going to come downtown please be safe,” said Sergeant Dana Purvis with the Savannah Police Department.

And for those traveling with children, SPD wants you to remember to keep your eyes on them.

“Keep up with your children, take pictures of your children because everyone is wearing green so it’s hard to describe the child if everyone is wearing green,” said Sergeant Purvis. 

The parade will take its usual route starting on Abercorn Street, moving onto Bay Street and then disbanding off of Bull and Harris Street.

But, equipment loading for both the festival and parade will happen in two days this year instead of one.

“I thought it would be a lot easier if we had two days to get everybody in versus one its a long day when you try to do it in one day,” said Victoria Smith, Director of the Savannah Waterfront Association.

Smith said, for the first time ever the city is raising money for local charities using a little piece of Ireland.

Festival-goers can contribute by paying to kiss the Blarney Stone on River Street. 

“You will walk away with a picture of you, your family kissing the Blarney Stone and we hope to make this an annual event,” said Smith.

She also wanted to remind everyone that loading days are on next Wednesday and Thursday.

There will be no parking on River Street. Officials will be redirecting people to lots around the city on those days.