SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Savannah police are spreading out across the city this holiday weekend to make sure that people celebrate safely and that all alcohol sales are legal.

It’s been a fairly laid-back day in Savannah just 24 hours after the St. Patrick’s Day parade. However, the work is not over for SPD. They’re still expecting large crowds and a very busy holiday weekend.

The parade may be over, but for officers, the work is not done. SPD’s Alcohol Beverage Compliance unit are out in full force this St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

According to SPD Sgt. Brandon Thomas, so far, it’s been a pretty routine start to the holiday.

“St. Patrick’s Day ends up kinda being a blur because it all happens so fast, but it seems like this year it was more subdued I would say than previous years,” Thomas said. “A lot of times when you’re walking through Ellis square or city market, you literally have to turn sideways to squeeze by people, and that wasn’t as much an issue yesterday.”

For Thomas and his team, their job is to make sure businesses selling alcohol are doing so safely and legally.

“Sometimes people will open a window because its easier for customers to come to the window rather than clog up the inside of the building by coming in with a lot of traffic, so we’re making sure people aren’t doing that,” Thomas said. “People aren’t selling out of coolers and obviously there’s a big emphasis on making sure people aren’t selling to minors.”

With large crowds expected to remain in the Hostess City throughout the weekend, SPD will have extra staff on hand until Sunday to make sure they have eyes all over the city.

“For our unit, we deal with the whole city, and we make a point to go through the whole city o nobody is tempted to make the argument that we only picked on downtown,” Thomas said. “So we go to the eastside, the southside, we’ll be out by the airport. If the City of Savannah’s Police is in the area, we’ll probably be there.”

Thomas said with one night in the books, his unit is responding mostly to underage drinking calls.