Parade attendees are gearing up for the excitement of St. Patrick’s Day and for some, it could be a rough morning after too much celebrating.

A local business is offering a new remedy for a hangover after a night of overindulging. 

The Ashford Tea Company is new to Savannah but the owner has a special recovery tea for St. Patrick’s Day.

“I’ve come up with a combination of things that will aid in the recovery of protecting your stomach and the cleanse of some of the toxic stuff you’re going to put in your system,” said Wayne Ashford.

Ashford is the owner of Ashford Tea Company in Savannah. He says tea offers proven health benefits for all sorts of ailments and conditions. 

“Green tea is high in antioxidants so it is a very organic and natural cleanser… but what we have also done is we have added a probiotic to it called kabocha and what the probiotic does is it protects the cells in your stomach from the harsh stuff that you partake in,” said Ashford.

Honey is also a key piece of Ashford’s Recovery Kit.

“It is very important that you burn off the alcohol that is left in your system so that is what the honey would do… it metabolizes your system,” said Ashford.

Ashford Tea Company is located on Oglethorpe Avenue in Savannah.