SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Whether this is your first St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah or if you are a veteran of the celebration, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

St. Patrick’s Day is finally here and WSAV News 3  was able to speak with some locals who have been going to the parade for decades now and ask them what keeps them coming back.

The City of Savannah’s biggest holiday is officially here – and although we’ll see a massive flow of tourists throughout the weekend, The St. Patrick’s Day parade is very much a tradition for those locals.  

“I’ve been going for 73 years. It’s part of my family tradition. I mean my grandmothers came from county Wexler in Ireland and I mean this is Savannah,” said resident Mary Ann Cosnahan. 

And it’s a tradition Mary Ann continues with her niece who has been coming for years now. 

But, this year around a new face joined the family tradition.

Resident Kelsey Chandler explained, “This is William Norburt and this is his first St. Patrick’s Day. Last St. Patrick’s Day parade I was pregnant with him and this is his first St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah.”

While some locals avoid the big crowds, most of the locals we spoke to were in the middle of it as it’s a tradition unlike any other in Savannah.

“It’s family. It’s all about family,” said resident Shiela Johnson. “I brought my girls here. I was brought up as a little girl. And now I’ve got my grandchildren. I have five grandchildren. And it’s all about family. Having fun together in the park. Everybody brings food and just have a good time.”

But it’s not the only tradition that keeps Savannahians coming back year after year. Visitors say the atmosphere and camaraderie keep the luck of the Irish going.

“But it is also the energy of the crowd and the friendliness. People who leave their chairs and their tents and walk away. People next to them will watch out for them. And you know you see the parade everybody cheers,” resident Aimee Norton told News 3. 

With the holiday falling on a weekend—the party is expected to last well into the weekend.