How green is too green? Paradegoers say there’s no limit for St. Pat’s attire

St. Patrick's Day

No matter how you’re celebrating this weekend, chances are you’ll be wearing green.

But some people don’t settle for just a t-shirt or scarf — they go all out when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day attire.

“The major thing, green and gold beads, green shirts, anything green, orange, white, anything that is Irish colors,” said Savannahian Jessica McLeod. “Anything that’s awesome and cool.”

As past parades prove, many seem to go all out to fit in for Savannah’s St. Patrick’s Day. There are crazy costumes, St. Pat’s pirates and virtually any and everything in all shades of green.

The sky is the limit. People say it’s nearly impossible to go overboard.

“Oh, a lot. You have to wear as much as you can. Then you blend in, but you also stand out at the same time,” Sarah Franklin, of Rome, Georgia, said.

For those who might want to wear something more traditional, retired kilt maker Jim Byous has some advice — especially for first-timers.

He says a lot of people wearing a kilt have them on backward by mistake.

“On men’s kilts, pipe band kilts type things, you have the pleats, aprons in the front, pleats in the back,” Byous said.

The retired kilt maker says everyone is a fan of the fashion.

“You will have guys go down the street and honk at you and give you a thumbs up,” Byous said. “You will have the ladies whistle, sometimes, and will give you a thumbs up.”

So it’s safe to say that whether you go all out in green, rock a few beads, or try out a kilt — you’ll be in luck.

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