SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – St. Patrick’s Day is special to many in the area, but for one Lowcountry couple, they have another reason to celebrate.

Dale and Sharon Jucikas have been married for 50 years. Their anniversary falls on the St. Pat’s holiday.

“I saw her and another woman sitting at a table trying to light their cigarette. They couldn’t get their lighter to work. I gave them mine,” Dale said.

“Next thing I knew, March 17, we were married,” he added, “and 50 years later, we are still here.”

Their daughters and granddaughters, who join them on the parade route every year, say their marriage is something they try to live up to in their own lives.

“Their love every single day has been constant,” Dana said, “Never changed, never faltered.”

“Our own marriages and relationships have always branched from theirs,” said Denise, adding, “It’s very special we all got to be here together today.”

Dale and Sharon say their love is based on one thing.

“After all these years, we don’t even think about being married,” Dale said, “just being friends and taking care of each other.”

And from what it sounds like, a love that started strong will last through many more parades.

“What do you think of him now?” News 3 asked Sharon.

“I’ll keep him. For another 50,” she said.

The couple lives in Beaufort but says they don’t miss a chance to celebrate every year on the streets of Savannah.