“You don’t need to tell me how you broke it; just tell me how you want it fixed:” Chip Usher has been repairing Savannah golfers’ clubs for decades


Golfers need good clubs to be successful; especially those who play in tournaments. 

When those clubs need repairs, they won’t trust just anyone.  

Many of the most avid golfers in Savannah and beyond will trust Chip Usher: a man who lives to fix golf clubs 

“So you can see this shaft got broken and we need to pull it out of there,” Usher demonstrates while gesturing to a broken iron sitting in a vice. 

Long before Siri or YouTube could teach anyone anything, Chip Usher taught himself how to take apart a golf club and put it back together. 

“Back then when I got started, woods were made out of wood,” Usher said. “There were only a few different models of iron and a few shafts and a few grips.” 

As the golf equipment world has grown larger, Usher Golf has grown with it, steadily expanding for more than twenty years.  

“When I started working on clubs in the late seventies, there was no internet,” Usher said. “By 1998, I was really busy with the internet side of the business and by 2005, with seven years of selling on the web, I had built up a very large client base online.”  

Being early to the internet isn’t the only thing that set Usher apart.   

He also benefited from a partnership with elite Japanese golf club brand Miura, becoming one of their first technical advisors in North America. 

“This business has been really, really good to me and I’ve been very fortunate,” Usher said. “Being involved with brands like Miura has certainly helped me to get to a very good level.” 

The pandemic has also helped business at Usher Golf. 

“Golf was the one thing people could do,” Usher said. “It was a fortunate sport that grew its number of members and its rounds played.” 

More rounds means more work for Usher; on clubs broken either naturally or out of frustration.  

“They’ll come in and tell me how they broke it,” Usher said. “And I’m kind of like, you don’t need to tell me how you broke it or why you broke it, just tell me how you want it fixed!” 

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