Warriors Brotherhood Pushes Jenkins To Final Four


Savannah, GA – The Jenkins Warriors are back in the Final Four. It’s not a surprise to see the Savannah power house this far in the post season but this was one of the most challenging seasons for head coach Bakari Bryant.

“When you have kids that have been in your program for four years and you have new kids that come in and are almost on the same level with those kids it becomes a territorial type of thing with those kids,” said Bryant.

The highly talented Jenkins Warriors had the potential to reach this point on paper, but it took most of the season to find their rhythm on the court

“We’ve been through plenty of ups and downs all season but once the playoffs came. We finally buckled down, came together as one and got the job done each and every game,” said senior Ahmad O’Neal.

The Warriors new found chemistry on the court actually came from the bonding they did when they aren’t between the lines of a basketball court. Their trust also pushed the Warriors to complete a comeback win on the road against Cedar Grove.

“It’s just hanging together that’s all we do now. Every day after school we get together. At the parties we just together now,” said senior Tyrone Scott.

“It was looking too good at the beginning but we had so much fun in that second half. In a hostile environment. We got the job done. We had fun while we were playing,” said O’Neal.

Now they Jenkins players plan to use their trust and brotherhood to push them to the state title.

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