Bluffton, SC-

The International Junior Golf Academy is hosting their prestigious summer camp this week in the lowcountry. Students from all across the United States come to Bluffton, South Carolina to work with the IGJA and perfect their game.

The camp is only a few days in and already the campers have seen tremendous improvement.

Courtney Cervelling from Sacramento, California says,”I’ve already learned how to hit a better bunker shot, hit crazy lies. To be part of a group setting when everyone around you wants to learn the progress their game.”

And these students have come to the right place to do just that. The facility is home to the RBC Heritage Tournament that has hosted some of the greatest players in golf.

Kira Jones is the Director of Marketing for IJGA. she says, “They choose around 50 students each summer to come train with us to kick-off summer camp. There’s an essay component and they kind of explain why they want to have the opportunity, and they choose the students based on that.”

These chose fifty students are given the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business.

Jared Steger an instructor for IJGA says, “It’s a great facility, it’s a great spot from a country standpoint. Weather’s good, lot of good golf here from the RBC Heritage. So it’s a big stop from not only a social media standpoints, but from a PGA Tour standpoint. Kids know what they’re involved in and what they’re getting into.”

Some of these students may return to Bluffton one day to compete not as an IJGA camper, but in the RBC Heritage.

“Definitely want to be on the PGA Tour, and these coaches are helping me get there. In the future, I want to be on the PGA Tour,” said Alexander Lowe, a golfer from Forth Worth, Texas.