SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Kids in Savannah had the chance to be on Lowcountry Radio this week thanks to a unique sportscasting camp.

Lowcountry Radio personality Charlie Moon took part in a Chatham County program called EMBRACE, which offers kids summer educational opportunities. He walked a group of kids through the process of creating a radio show, from writing scripts to delivering them on air.

The kids practiced for several days before getting the chance to co-host a radio show with Moon. As part of the show, the campers interview Bananas pitcher Josh Willits, who stayed behind from a team road trip.

Camper Ian Perry said that the camp got him interested in sportscasting, but also that it showed him how difficult the on-air part of the job can be.

“I’d say just talking on air is difficult. Most people get pretty nervous the first couple times they do it but once you practice it and get comfortable with it, it starts to become really fun.”

Editorial note from sports director Andrew Goldstein: I agree!