College football coaches often behave in stoic fashion during the season.

They don’t want players to get too enamored with praise—or rat poison in Nick Saban’s words. They also don’t want their team to get too discouraged by failure. To wit, they are very measured with their words publicly, mindful that the wrong statement could become a distraction to the program.

Things are a bit more relaxed in the offseason, when the focus turns primarily to recruiting.

That was most certainly true Wednesday, when Texas offensive coordinator Kyle Flood joked that he plans on recruiting a giant Brazilian baby—presumably a member of the class of 2041.

Two feel long and 16 pounds?! That’s enough to turn any football coach’s head.

We salute Flood’s offseason candor and wit. Hopefully, his tweet isn’t a recruiting violation, because the NCAA certainly isn’t known for its sense of humor.

The Longhorns, who went 8-5 this past season, are scheduled to open the 2023 season at home against Rice on Sept. 2.