Trevor Lawrence should love playing the Tennessee Titans. 

For the second year in a row, the Titans seemingly served as slump-busters for Lawrence and the Jaguars. It happened in 2022, with Lawrence having arguably the best game of his career a week after a blowout loss. And it happened again on Sunday, with Lawrence scoring four touchdowns a week after a 34-3 loss to the San Francisco 49ers where Lawrence had maybe the worst performance since his rookie season.

Lawrence finished Sunday's game by completing 75% of his passes for 262 yards and two touchdowns, along with two rushing scores. It was maybe his cleanest performance of the season, and it came in the same week that former teammate Arden Key expressed thoughts on a part of Lawrence's game that he believed could limit him.

“He’s grown tremendously, but I realize, being there, if we can take away his first read the rush will be allowed to get there… If the first read’s there, he’s throwing it right there, right now. If it’s not, you see the kind of hesitation, things of that sort so we know and realize that we’ve got to take away the first read so we get to him.”

Key was the second pass-rusher in as many weeks to make that comment about Lawrence, following Nick Bosa the week before. When made aware of Key's comments on Sunday in the post-game press conference, Lawrence made it clear that he doesn't pay much mind to the thoughts of those outside of EverBank Stadium.

"I'm not thinking about any of that stuff. I could care less what those guys say, to be honest. That's really my only response to that. It doesn't matter," Lawrence said. If those guys think I'm the best thing in the world, it doesn't matter either. So [it] doesn't really matter. 

"I love Arden [Key], former teammate—it hurts that he said that, but no, I don't care. It's about how you perform on Sunday. It's not about what other people say, but if you want to change the narrative, then change the narrative and play better. So, I think there are things that obviously I take accountability on. My main goal is to win, though. We're sitting at 7-3. We're in a great spot. We’ve got to keep this energy and this attacking like we did today every week. We’ve got to finish this season. We have seven games left. A big one next week with Houston, playing really good football. All I care about is winning, so I don't really care what people think I can or can't do."